Surprise your guests with Asian dishes ready in a flash

Surprise Your Guests with Asian Dishes Ready in a Flash

Planning dinner at home with friends or family? We have an original suggestion for you: escape convention by preparing an exotic menu of Asian dishes. But don’t panic! You don’t need to know how to cook: you can easily prepare each of the ideas below in just a few minutes. Get your notepad ready! 


Spring rolls 

Accompanied by sweet-and-sour or soy sauce, spring rolls are undoubtedly one of the best-known Asian dishes. With thin cabbage leaves, carrot and onion, these delicacies are made and rolled by hand in a traditional, crispy oriental pastry. They’re ideal for nibbles or an informal dinner at home because you can eat them with your hands, and everyone likes them.   


Pork gyoza 

Anyone for an Asian tapas night at home? Another ideal dish to give life to this concept is gyozas: a great classic of Japanese cuisine. Dip them in soy sauce and enjoy the delicious taste of these pork gyozas, ready in the microwave in just a minute and a half! 


Nem vegetable spring rolls 

Here are some more oriental appetisers. Nem rolls are one of the best-known Vietnamese recipes. While you can get nem rolls with different fillings, in this case, they’re small vegetable spring rolls wrapped in a thin rice pastry filled with carrots, soy noodles, onion and mushrooms that surprise your palate with worldly, cosmopolitan flavours. Eating a nem is like taking a short trip to Vietnam, but without stepping outside your front door. Serve them with our tasty nuoc sauce made specially for nems. 


Special fried rice 

If you want to throw an Asian dinner party at home, there’s one dish you can’t leave off the menu under any circumstances: special fried rice. It’s a favourite among people familiar with the best Asian cuisine and anyone who’s just started trying it. And no wonder because despite being a simple dish, this steamed and stir-fried rice with pieces of ham, omelette and vegetables is truly delicious.  


Chicken yakisoba 

Another of the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine is yakisoba. While you can find many different versions, Chicken yakisoba is undoubtedly one of the best known. This dish consists of fine wheat noodles stir-fried with chicken and vegetables and coated in the rich yakisoba sauce that it’s named after.  

And there you have a few ideas. Would you like more ideas for Asian dishes to entertain your guests at home? Discover the full range of Ta-Tung Asian products and enjoy the best oriental dishes without stepping outside your front door. 

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