Ta-Tung Sundays: the ideal dinner for eating-in

Ta-Tung Sundays: the ideal dinner for eating-in

Are you one of those people who likes a non-stop weekend? Or perhaps you prefer to sprawl on your sofa and recharge your batteries? Whether you fall into the first category or are more a fan of the second, on Sunday night, your body will probably be asking you more than ever to take it easy. How about a delicious oriental dinner at home that’s ready in just three minutes? We have the recipe to make sure the final hours of the weekend are special. Oh! And forget about the cooking and washing-up because you don’t do that on a Sunday. 

Steps to prepare an oriental dinner at home this Sunday

1. Comfy clothes

Well, isn’t eating lunch or dinner in your comfy clothes a pleasure? No tight trousers, no uncomfortable belts. Say yes to your joggers or pyjamas! This is the moment to pamper yourself a little and anything goes.  

2. Ambience

Today is Sunday and that must be observed, so let yourself eat off a tray on the sofa, by candlelight, or however you like it best. How about combining eating-in with a home cinema session? Heat your dinner in the microwave while you choose the film! 

3. Food

This Sunday, you want to eat at home, you dont feel like cooking, but you dont want to forego the pleasure of a flavour-packed Asian dinner. Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese … Why choose one if you can combine the best specialties from all these culinary cultures? Simply customise your menu with your favourite Ta-Tung dishes! Spring rolls, special fried rice, Gyozas, chicken curry noodles, beef with mushrooms and bamboo and more. Choose from the most irresistible Asian dishes and adapt your oriental menu to your liking. Enjoy an exquisite dinner and, best of all, itll be ready in just three minutes!  

4. Dessert

Start as you mean to go on. So, why not finish the weekend with your favourite dessert? Ice cream, chocolate brownie, strawberries and cream … Give yourself a final treat to sweeten your Sunday! 

5. Good habits

The weekend is about to end and, to get off to a strong start on Monday, it’s best to remember good habits. A very important one is to have dinner early so your meal can go down properly before you go to bed. So, eat early to make sure you sleep well. You’ll start your week full of energy and ready to deal with anything that comes your way. 

Enjoying a delicious Asian dinner at home alone or with your partner, family or friends without having to worry about the menu, without cooking and without any washing-up is possible thanks to Ta-Tung’s wide variety of dishes. They’ll be ready in the microwave or frying pan in just a few minutes! Have the best possible ending to your week. And start strong on Monday. 

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