The 10 commandments of an authentic Ta-Tung style special fried rice

The 10 commandments of an authentic Ta-Tung style special fried rice

While fried rice of all kinds can be found the world over, everyone knows that the original, special fried rice, comes from China. You can find different versions of special fried rice in various countries in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore and Vietnam, and in Latin America, such as Peru and Colombia. Youve probably tried it in a Chinese restaurant, but did you know that you can enjoy this delicious dish at home in just three minutes? Youre about to discover the 10 commandments of an authentic special fried rice in the purest Ta-Tung style! 

  1. Traditional process

While this dish isn’t particularly difficult to make, special fried rice should be prepared based on the traditional recipe and way of cooking (stir-frying). That’s how we do it at Ta-Tung, and you can tell when you taste the final result. 


  1. Steamed long-grain rice

With special fried rice, it’s logical that the most important factor is the type of rice and how it’s cooked. Once steamed, Ta-Tung long-grain rice is left to cool. And remember, short-grain rice isn’t any good for this dish! 


  1. Basic ingredients

Although, as we mentioned before, there are different versions of special fried rice, the original must contain certain basic ingredients. In this case, it’s best stick to them and not add others, since not all ingredients taste good in special fried rice. The ingredients of Ta-Tung special fried rice are the same as in the original recipe: rice, eggs, cold cooked pork shoulder, carrots, peas, onion and sunflower oil. 


  1. Quality first

In addition to respecting the original ingredients of traditional special fried rice, at Ta-Tung, we place special importance on their quality. That’s why we make sure we know the origin and traceability of all our ingredients, so we can assure our customers that our eggs come from free-range hens, for example, and that the cooked smoked pork shoulder comes from pigs that have been farmed responsibly. We choose the best vegetable ingredients, such as peas and carrots, because we know this is what really makes the difference in our special fried rice. 


  1. The perfect stir-fry

Once the rice has been cooked and cooled, it’s time to add it to the wok where the rest of the ingredients have already been sautéed. We use sunflower oil instead of olive oil to avoid conflict with the flavour of the rice. 

  1. Authentic Asian food in just two minutes

To enjoy delicious Ta-Tung-style special fried rice at home you just need two minutes, no more and no less. You can heat it up in the microwave or sauté it in the pan and it’ll be ready to eat! 

  1. Sweet-and-sour or soy sauce?

Although you can enjoy special fried rice on its own, it pairs perfectly with sauces like sweet-and-sour or soy, and other more spicy options. Find your favourite and get the most out of the flavour of this dish! 


  1. Give chopsticks a go!

Have you ever tried eating special fried rice with chopsticks? Give it a go and eat like you were born in Asia! Yes, we know, at first it may feel like a mission impossible, but we promise that it just takes a bit of practice to master the art of chopsticks. 


  1. Garnish

You can eat special fried rice on its own or with a main dish. If you want to do that, we recommend combining it with some of the Ta-Tung Chinese specialties, such as chicken and almonds. Just get this pack and enjoy the perfect combination. 


  1. Pairing

Special fried rice pairs excellently with all kinds of drinks, particularly a light beer or white wine. What’s your favourite pairing to accompany this dish?
Enjoy an authentic Chinese dinner without going out and in just two minutes with Ta-Tung’s specialties. Combine different dishes and discover the best flavours of oriental food. The best of Asia in your home! 

请享用 (Qǐng xiǎngyòng: Chinese for enjoy your meal!). 

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