From Ta-Tung’s extensive and modern production facilities in Barcelona, strict internal controls are applied, including organoleptic analysis of all products, that is, qualitative assessments to confirm the quality of each of their origins. In addition, Ta-Tung's production process is governed by the most stringent national and European standards of quality and food safety.

They combine all of the oriental wisdom with the best techniques of the Western food industry, using only 100% natural ingredients.
Their popular rollitos (rolls) which are prepared and rolled manually, stand out for the quality and naturality of the ingredients; rice, meat dishes, sushi and noodles are made by guaranteeing the flavour, vitamins and nutrients of homemade dishes, although with a lower fat and salt content.

The detailed and meticulous processes of cooking using a wok or steamer allow you to reach the point of maximum taste and authenticity and create a truly fusion product- a combination of colour, aroma, flavour, shape and texture, resulting from the mixture of cultures that make up the Asian continent.




Este mes quiero hablaros del curry, esa exquisita mezcla de especias tan popular en la gastronomía oriental. Usualmente se conforma de cúrcuma, cilantro, comino, fenogreco y pimientos chili. Sin embargo, algunas de sus variantes también incluyen leche de coco, jengibre, canela, pimienta y mostaza.
Su origen se debate entre la India...

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