We offer a variety of sauces so you can enjoy authentic oriental flavours, and bring your dishes alive with a delicious bittersweet, spicy, sweet or vinegar dressings.

Soy sauce

This is a traditional dressing which is salty but with a sweet taste, perfect for both fried food and sushi.


Teriyaki sauce

This is a sauce with a sweet touch, ideal to accompany meats and fish and for cooking in the wok.


Caramelised sauce

A traditional chinese condiment used in recipes as popular as peking duck. it is ideal for accompanying all kinds of meat.


Spicy sweet and sour sauce

This is a traditional sweet and sour sauce which can bring a spicy touch to fried food.


Thai sauce

Thai seafood sauce, with spices and tamarind. ideal for pad thai cooking.


Salsa nuoc nam

This sauce is of vietnamese origin and goes perfectly with meat, rice, noodles or fried foods.


Salsa vinaigrette

A vinegar sauce commonly used in chinese salads.


Sweet and sour sauce

This is a traditional sauce which is both sweet and sour, perfect for asian fried food and rolls.

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