Meat dishes

Always diced and eaten with chopsticks (an old Asian belief -chopsticks replaced knives on the table due to superstition of their potential danger) we offer the most tender meats, accompanied, as always, with the most delicious vegetables and sauces.

Chicken with Almonds

Sautéed chicken with almonds, onions and vegetables cooked in the wok. This is a traditional Chinese recipe with an unmistakable flavour.


Chicken Kong Pao

Sautéed chicken, onions, peppers, peanuts and a touch of chilli cooked in the wok- a delicious speciality which is a tad spicy!


Caramelised Wings

Chicken wings dipped in caramelised sauce. This is a delicious snack originating from the province of Canton.


Veal with Mushrooms and Bamboo

Sautéed veal and authentic shitake mushrooms and oriental bamboo.


Red Chicken Curry

Chicken with vegetables in a red curry sauce with a coconut base and a spicy note!


Chicken with Lemongrass

Chicken accompanied by vegetables, natural herbs antioxidants and a touch of lemongrass.


Chicken with Lychee

Chicken accompanied by vegetables, lychees and natural herbs.


Sautéed Chicken

Sautéed chicken with onions and red peppers, seasoned with a dried fruit sauce.

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