Asian tapas

Pre-prepared tapas for the steamer or microwave!
These dim sum ("little snacks that reach the heart") are pre-cooked in our factory allowing you to enjoy them at home. You just have to pop them in the steamer or microwave, and voilá -your restaurant- quality dinner is ready to enjoy.

Siao Long Beef Bread

This product is typical from northern Shanghai and its thin base crust is made from wheat flour. It is stuffed with meat and vegetables.


Funko Shrimp

This is a ravioli filled pie with a cassava flour base. It is also transparent, and is stuffed with prawns and vegetables.


Siao Pao Shrimp

The base of the dough is made from cassava flour. The translation of Siao Pao is a ‘crystal bag’ and this hot dish which looks like a pie is completely transparent.


Meat Siao Mai

These are Empanadas (stuffed bread or pastry parcels which are fried) of Chinese origin where in the original recipe, they are only stuffed with meat. The dough is made from egg flour and is very fine and yellow- very well known throughout Asia.


Hakao Shrimp

The base of the dough uses gluten-free flour and the 4 or 5 folds are made manually. They are stuffed with prawns or langoustines. This recipe is well known throughout Asia.


Hakao Imperial Shrimp

Stuffed shrimp dumplings, white radish and bamboo shoots.


Meat Gyoza

Stuffed pork dumplings, vegetables and seasoned with black pepper.


Chicken Gyoza

Dumplings stuffed with chicken and vegetables and seasoned with black pepper.


Vegetable Gyoza

Dumplings stuffed with cabbage, carrots, chives, bamboo and Chinese mushrooms.


Foie Gyoza

Gyoza gourmet with Mediterranean vegetables, meat and foie.


Truffle Gyoza

Gyoza gourmet adapted to the Mediterranean palate brought by the presence of truffles.



This is classic dish where the dough is made from egg flour. The Wantun itself was born as a type of ravioli that was served in a broth and over time has gained prominence and is nowadays served without the broth.


Vegetable Samosa

This is a typical Indian dumpling which is stuffed with curried vegetables.


Dim Sum party sea and mountain

Assorted Gyozas of meat, Siao Long Meat Pao, Siao Prawn Bread and Shrimp Funko.


Vegetable Tempura

Carrots, courgettes, potatoes and tempura beans.

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