With more than 20 years of experience as a chef in some of the best Asian restaurants in Barcelona, Kav Ly is one of the most prestigious and renowned figures of Eastern cuisine in Spain.

This entrepreneur of Cambodian origin, launched Ta-Tung in 1980 and offered oriental dishes of traditional recipes in Spain, becoming the brand par excellence and leader of Asian cuisine in our country.

However, her journey has not been easy. She arrived in Spain fleeing a war, at a time when Asian cuisine was not as popular as it is now. The chef was always clear that she wanted to be her own boss. Thus, she decided to embark on this adventure, and her restless and enterprising character has made Ta-Tung the great business that it is today.
Her profile as an entrepreneur is unconventional: she not only runs her own company, but is behind each and every one of the recipes that come out of the kitchen, combining the role of businesswoman with that of chef and head of innovation.

From her restaurants in the city, specialising in Cambodian, Thai or Chinese cuisine, Kav Ly has won prestigious awards for her contribution to the development and recognition of Asian cuisine in our country.





Este mes quiero hablaros del curry, esa exquisita mezcla de especias tan popular en la gastronomía oriental. Usualmente se conforma de cúrcuma, cilantro, comino, fenogreco y pimientos chili. Sin embargo, algunas de sus variantes también incluyen leche de coco, jengibre, canela, pimienta y mostaza.
Su origen se debate entre la India...

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