Since its founding in 1980, Ta-Tung
- a word meaning peace or friendship in Mandarin -
has become a leading specialist in Asian gastronomy in Spain.
Nowadays, Ta-Tung has gained presence through its popular "ready-to-eat" dishes, which are distributed widely and found in the HORECA channel, ie: they have different points of sale in the hospitality and catering industry and can also be found in small independent shops.

Ta-Tung offers the best of Asia’s varied cuisine, aimed at an audience who value the authenticity of what they are buying, lovers of both healthy and gourmet products.

Today, the firm already represents more than 70% of the segment of pre-cooked food of Asian origin in Spain, and their products are available in all Spanish provinces, as well as in Portugal and Italy.


Ta-Tung is an Asian restaurant which was founded in 1980 and is still run by chef Kav Ly. This family business is based in Mare de Déu de la Salut, 75, in the district of Gracia in Barcelona.

In the early nineties, and following the success of the business, Ta-Tung began to prepare dishes with the idea of "taking the restaurant home". The business developed as a specialist in a completely newly emerging segment for that time, thus being a pioneer in the sector, in both pre-packaged food and Asian cuisine for bulk distribution.

Today, the firm has become a benchmark in our country, offering different specialties for lovers of exotic flavours and also those who seek new and exciting experiences.


Ta-Tung's mission is to bring Asian culture closer to our country through its gastronomy, adapting it to national tastes whilst staying faithful to the original recipes.

Its vision focuses on:

Remaining the industry leader.
Consolidating itself in the domestic market and expanding into the international market.
Starting new lines of business in the long term.


To offer consumers local produce in our recipes .

Develop recipes which identify with the five most important culinary regions of Asia: China, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Japan.

Preserve the flavours of Asian gastronomy and combine them with Western tastes.




Este mes quiero hablaros del curry, esa exquisita mezcla de especias tan popular en la gastronomía oriental. Usualmente se conforma de cúrcuma, cilantro, comino, fenogreco y pimientos chili. Sin embargo, algunas de sus variantes también incluyen leche de coco, jengibre, canela, pimienta y mostaza.
Su origen se debate entre la India...

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